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Thank you for your interest in the Milwaukee School of Engineering crowdfunding platform! Crowdfunding is open to student clubs and organizations, senior design project teams, Faculty, Staff, or MSOE Athletic Teams. 

Please submit your application below. Once your application has been received and reviewed, the Office of University Advancement will be in touch within 10 business days. 

Launch dates may be authorized outside of this suggested timeline at the discretion of the MSOE Crowdfunding team. 

Campaign Goals

A typical crowdfunding campaign at MSOE can raise $2,500 or less, however, it is important to set a realistic goal for your campaign to be successful. Throughout your campaign, we can restructure the goals you have for the project. Start with a lower goal to see how your donors respond - you can always increase it later. Projects whose goal is to raise more than $3,500, will be at the discretion of out office.


Crowdfunding is limited to 4 specific timelines throughout the year, with up to 6 active projects running during each quarter. Projects are set to run twice throughout the fall semester, and twice throughout the spring semester. Applications for crowdfunding for the 2023-2024 academic year are due 6 weeks prior to desired launch dates as followed: 

  • August 14th for Quarter 1 Crowdfunding Projects
  • October 2nd for Quarter 2 Crowdfunding Projects
  • January 1st for Quarter 3 Crowdfunding Projects
  • February 19th for Quarter 4 Crowdfunding Projects

Crowdfunding projects for the 2023-2024 academic year are actively receiving donations as followed: 

  • Quarter 1 Projects - September 25th through November 5th 
  • Quarter 2 Projects - November 13th through December 24th 
  • Quarter 3 Projects - February 12th through March 24th
  • Quarter 4 Projects - April 1st through May 10th 

Communication Plan

Behind every successful crowdfunding project, is a great communication plan. Whether you are raising money for an event or new equipment, it important to have a thought-out communication plan that fits your goals, your mission, and your audience. It’s important to have a plan in grabbing the attention of prospective donors and how to best promote your project!

Applicants must be MSOE students, faculty or staff and agree to the requirements below to be considered for selection by the project review committee. All applicable supervisors (faculty advisors, department chairs, etc.) will be notified of the project for final approval. 

If you have any questions, please contact Ashlyn Buchmann at or Jessica Tedamrongwanish at 

Tell us about yourself


Tell us about your project

If you are an academic group such as a senior design team, list your department chair or supervisor.

Note: The development staff may work with you to re-work your goal.

Who is your audience? How will you communicate with them? Will you provide any perks or incentives?


They will be included in your application response and trained on the crowdfunding platform.


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